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Learn everything from roasting, cupping, filter coffee, espresso and latte art.
How: One barista and you (max. 3 people)
Where: Røaster’s Home, C/ Pujades 95, Barcelona
Duration: 8h

Introduction to Speciality coffee

– From the plantation to your cup

– Everything there is to know about cupping

– How to detect notes and defects through cupping

– The real difference between espresso and filter roasts

– Coffee benefits: natural, semi-washed, washed, etc.

Filter Coffee

– Everything you need to make the best filter coffee

– The importance of water quality

– How to understand and calibrate the grinder

– The differences between various filter preparations

– How to detect sub and over- extractions


– What is an espresso, ristretto, lungo, etc

– How to understand and calibrate the grinder

– How to detect and prevent sub and over extractions

Latte Art

– The importance of picking a good fresh milk

– Proper emulsion of the milk

– How to make latte art, hearts, tulips, etc