Jordi Mestre
Founder and sales manager
Fran González
Head of Coffee
Xavi Navas
Head of COLD BREW, events and Nomad locations
Abel Cruz
Head of accounts and logistics
Ivette Vera
Quality control in Nomad locations and wholesale
Micael Beaver
Logistic manager
Clara Torres
Manager and barista at Nomad Coffee Lab
Tania López
Barista at Every Day
Álvaro Ruiz
Barista en Every Day
Jorge Escuer
Barista & baker at Every Day
Caro Álvarez
Cristian Povedano
Barista at Coffee lab
Olivia Álvarez
Barista at Coffee Lab
Sally Bouzidi
Barista at Coffee Lab
Nathaly Condor
Head of cleaning
Andreu Companyó