Nomad Acid House

We have not found a better way to celebrate Nomad’s 6 anniversary than by opening a new location for the fourth time. Nomad Acid House arrives, 2 minutes from Roasters home, in the centre of Poblenou and under the roof of Acid House.

Se trata de un pequeño local, en forma de pasillo que de alguna manera, conecta el bombardeo creativo del interior con la ebullición del 22@. De inspiración japonesa y configuración minimalista, el protagonista como siempre, es el café. Esta vez en su versión Take away. Tampoco traigas tus monedas, sólo aceptamos tarjetas.

The location is not accidental. Acid house is not just another Poblenou ship and we like that very much. It welcomes big names and many synergies come together. Also home to Folch studio, wht hrs and OFFF among others, it is also the headquarters of Vice Magazine, Adidas or Elisava. A place of worship for creativity in all its forms, for innovation and for undertaking new projects. Design, audiovisual production, masters, are just some of the titles of the activities that this space can offer you. Be aware.

Acid house opens in Barcelona, stop by and ask for your coffee. From now on, also on Avila 84 street, from Monday to Friday and from 8 in the morning to 5 in the afternoon. Maybe even some Saturday.