With a fragrance that reminds us of a combination of cherry liqueur, red berries and chocolate, this coffee draws our attention from the first moment. After adding water, it acquires citrus aromas that suggest orange peel and spices such as cinnamon. Already in the mouth, we find a dense coffee, which has very high acidity and sweetness while being well integrated. Finally, it surprises us with an aftertaste that evokes macadamia nuts.

The farms that supply the Gitega Hills washing station are located at altitudes between 1700 and 1900 masl. These heights together with the volcanic soils of the area, make the production and processing conditions exceptional and result in coffees of quality and a score well above average.

The process followed by the cherries that arrive at this washing station begins with the discarding of the defective grains. Then they become distributed in African beds 2 centimetres thick. In the 30-day period of the drying process, the grains are removed every hour and carefully covered at night.