I feel bad telling you this, but if you’re asking a website for the answer, something’s not right. Have a coffee and ruminate. We recommend any one of these locations to do so.


If you’re asking yourself these types of questions you might need to start living a little more vicariously. What’s the worst that could happen? You end up wearing a pink shirt into town? Best have a coffee whilst you contemplate the idea of a pink shirt. 

We’re not here to judge, but it probably won’t end well.  What we will say is, if you find a match, don’t start in with… Shall we go for a coffee?

Some questions aren’t a joke. And this is one of them. Besides suggesting you have a coffee; we also recommend that you check out our reusable bags

Let us explain, we just sent a car with four of our friends round to your place, who will give you the quick answer. But I don’t think they’ll be making you any coffee if you plan on adding sugar.

Now seriously, would you eat octopus from Galicia with mayo?? Add soda to a Vega Sicilia? Put chorizo in a Valencian paella? Some things are just plain wrong. And we’re not going to encourage anyone to perpetuate such gastronomic sacrileges, let alone add sugar to the coffee we serve at any one of our coffee shops.

f you think this is one of your greatest concerns, the reality is that’s it’s probably one of the smallest. You’re better off enjoying the smaller things in life, like the nuances of a good coffee. By the way, since you tried our latest coffee last month, do you want to buy another one? Hey! <Link to Shop>?

Why not read making yourself a coffee, which might prove more entertaining. 

A group of researchers from Northwestern University (USA) have come up with a new tool for defining what makes a planet habitable, combined 3D climate modelling with atmospheric chemistry. This new tool could help astronauts looking for planets that might support life.


The researchers focused their studies on planets that orbit M dwarf stars, which make up around 70% of the total galactic population. With this tool, the researched have redefined the conditions that make a planet habitable, bearing in mind the star’s radiation and the planet’s rotation rate.


They found out that planets that orbit active stars, which emit high levels of ultraviolet (UV) radiation, lose significant water to vaporisation, whilst planets that orbit inactive, or quiet, stars are more likely to maintain life-sustaining liquid water.


The problem with radiation ☢️


The researchers also found that planets with thin ozone layers, which have otherwise habitable surface temperatures, receive dangerous levels of UV dosages, making them hazardous for complex surface life.


The researchers have focused on exoplanets, which are those found outside our own Solar System.


“For most of human history, the question of whether or not life exists elsewhere has belonged only within the philosophical realm,” said Northwestern’s Howard Chen, the study’s first author. “It’s only in recent years that we have had the modelling tools and observational technology to address this question.” 


To sustain complex life, planets need to be able to maintain liquid water. If a planet is too close to its star, then water will vaporise completely. If a planet is too far from its star, then water will freeze, and the greenhouse effect will be unable to keep the surface warm enough for life. ?

Our cousin’s mate has said no, since the time you have to wait between each donation, or the side effects of each experiment, last so long it makes it practically impossible. But we like the way you think, and if you want, why not train as a barista and join our crew? Drop us an email.

We do not have any studies from the University of Massachusetts to verify this, nor do we know if it’s something the World Health Organisation recommends for constipation. ?But if you want to taste coffee properly, best give up tobacco. 

Wake up! ? Looks like you need a coffee

Some of life’s greatest questions are simply unanswerable. And maybe that’s how it should be, maybe we should stop thinking about things so much and relax enough to enjoy, for example, a good coffee.

Although the official version is that he was born in Genoa, this story is shrouded in mystery and his “real origin” remains unknown. His destination seems more interesting. Take a look at our shop and you’ll also “find” a bit of Honduras ??, Colombia ?? y Venezuela ??, among other destinations.