As much Today as in 2011, when it was a simple coffee cart stationed at markets around the busy city of London, Nomad Coffee’s values and goals remain the same: proximity, respect for the producer and careful attention to detail throughout the production chain.

Nomad later moved to Barcelona to open its first shop and help cultivate a taste for speciality coffee in the Catalan capital. Soon after, they opened their own open roastery and, still guided by the premise of bringing coffee closer to the public, they began to distribute their product and create a collaborative network of cafés, helping the project to grow on an international scale.

Nomad’s trademark is its roasting, which is why they want to have a hand in every stage of the production process. They travel to origin looking for the best beans and work side by side with importers and farmers. They roast their coffee at their headquarters, applying their own quality standards, which help them develop each bean to its full potential.

A team of baristas is responsible for extracting the uniqueness and excellence from every coffee in each of Nomad’s shops.