Where Cal Nomad, C/ Marroc 160, Barcelona
Duration 8 h

Learn everything from roasting, cupping, filter coffee, espresso and latte art.

– Olfactory phase, we will talk about the importance of records when describing coffees
– Tastes, we will learn to identify salty, acid, bitter, sweet at different levels of intensity
– Types of acidity, we will learn the different types of acidity and tips to identify them
– Tasting, we will try three coffees, we will talk about their differences and how to recognize them

Filter Coffee

– Everything you need to make the best filter coffee
– The importance of water quality
– How to understand and calibrate the grinde
– The differences between various filter preparations
– How to detect sub and over- extractions


– What is an espresso, ristretto, lungo, etc
– How to understand and calibrate the grinder
– How to detect and prevent sub and over extractions

Latte Art

– The importance of picking a good fresh milk
– Proper emulsion of the milk
– How to make latte art, hearts