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WHERE Cal Nomad, Carrer Marroc 160, 08019, Barcelona
DATE Monday 27th of March 2023
SCHEDULE from 17:00 a 20:00
LANGUAGE spanish
GUEST Origin, process and roasting of cocoa by Cristian Larrosa, LØT ROASTERS

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These 3-hour sessions are focused on continuing to learn about various topics directly or indirectly related to coffee, such as origin, sensory exercises, processes, the target audience, etc.

We will have guests who are specialists and recognized in their field as well as close to the Nomad family, who will teach us the theoretical part but will also present practical exercises to soak us in knowledge and curiosity.


In this edition we will talk about the origin, process and roasting of cocoa by Cristian Larrosa, owner and creative mind of LOT Roasters, a bean to bar located in the center of Barcelona with roots in Peru.

Like coffee, cocoa comes from a fruit that has to go through various processes to become what we know outside of origin as “cocoa”. To understand this product, we will talk about:

  • Fruit, care and cultivation
  • Geography, regions and height
  • Harvest, post harvest and pruning
  • fermentation and drying
  • Storage, Travel and Selection
  • Roasting curves
  • Cocoa tasting
  • Tasting drinks with cocoa + coffee

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