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Altitude 1.600 - 2.000 masl
Process WASHED
Harvest MARCH - JUNE 2022
Notes Dried peachesToffeeVanilla

A sweet coffee with notes of dried apricots, toffee, vanilla and honey. Clean and refreshing in the mouth, with juicy acidity and body, almost like a juice, and a lovely aftertaste with hints of stone fruit and panel.

This is the first time that we purchase coffee from Ngororero washing station, which is well-known for the quality of its coffees, which are complex, fruity and sweet, a lovely example of what rwandan coffees are like.

This washing station participates in Sucafina’s Coffee tree rejuvenation project, a pilot program that’s helping producers to increase their yields through stumpting and renovation. Average yield per tree in Rwanda is lower than the average in other countries, mainly because almost 50% of the trees are over 30 years old. The project will engage farmers in improving yields through stumping -or renovating- up to 30% of their trees at once so they can still produce coffee. Stumping consists of cutting the tree down to the base, so the tree starts to bear fruit faster than when replaced with new seeds.

Once coffee arrives at the washing station, the staff removes any lower quality cherry through flotation and then inspects the remaining cherry for any visual defects.

After sorting, cherry is pulped and parchment is then fermented for 10 hours before washed being and laid out to sun dry on raised beds, being regularly sorted to remove imperfections and sifted to ensure even drying.

At the time of replicating the recipe, there are different variables that can interfere with the final result of your cup, such as the roast date, conservation of the beans, environment, water, etc. It is important to remember that all these factors can have an influence and you may have to make small adjustments to replicate this recipe.

Method: Orea
Grinder: Comandante 17 clicks
Recommended mineral water: Bezoya 96ºC

We poured 17 grams of coffee per 250 grams of water.
We added the water in 5 parts.
0:00-50 grams of water
0:45 – 50 grams of water
1:15 – 50 g of water
1:50 – 50 gr of water
2:30 – 50 gr of water

The total infusion time should be 3.10 minutes.