Primavera Family – Filter



Altitude 1550-1650 masl
Process WASHED
Harvest APRIL 2021
Notes Green applePanelaRaisin

A coffee with a green apple and hazelnut fragrance. On the palate, it is fresh and light with bright malic acidity and a juicy body. The aftertaste is sweet, long and pleasant and leaves us some light notes of raisins and brown sugar.

It is a coffee that comes from 5 producers in the Huehuetenango area in Guatemala. The names of these producers are: Domingo Perez Ramirez, Mateo Enriquez Martinez, Francisco Morales, Rosendo Domingo and Jose Lopez Armas.

These producers are improving the quality of their coffee year after year but still do not have enough strength to be able to sell their coffees as a single batch. This year a blend of their farms has been made since the quality of their coffees are similar.

Thanks to the extra quality of these batches, the exporter can pay a higher price for them and thus, producers can improve their farms to achieve more effectiveness in production and quality. We are confident that next year we will be able to enjoy these coffees separately as batches from a single farm.

The process of these coffees is a traditional washed process. The cherries are pulped and fermented overnight. The next day the coffee is washed with clean water and then it is dried in the sun in the patios of each of the producers.

We offer you these guidelines so that you have a guide when preparing your recipe, but you must take into account the method you are using, the grinding, the water, the temperature, etc.

Our method: V60
Our grinder: EK43
Our water: Osmotized, 93ppm

We use 15 gr of medium ground coffee and 260 gr of water at a temperature of 96ºC. We pour the water in 2 times. One of 50 gr, we wait 30 seconds and then pour the rest of the water until it reaches 260 grams. The total infusion time should be between 2 and a half and 3 minutes.