Return policy

Like other speciality coffee companies, Nomad’s coffee is roasted each week as it’s a fresh product, meaning it’s perishable and with limited consumption window.
This means that if we sell and send coffee to a customer, and for some reason, it’s returned to us, we aren’t able to resell it.

To request a return or exchange of the product, images of:

  • Shipping company label
  • Box where the product arrived
  • The product or products that must be returned or exchanged

In case of not being able to provide these images, we will not be able to make any change or refund.

We will only accept returns in the following cases:

  • A mistake in the order for which Nomad is to blame.
  • If you don’t receive the packet due to an error by the shipping company.
  • The customer receives a product (not coffee) and it was not what they expected. In this case we will take care of the collection and the customer must be responsible for the cost of shipping. This cost will be reduced from the amount to be returned of the unwanted product. Said return will be made once the product is received at our facilities, having verified that it is in perfect condition.

However, the following reasons for returning your product will not be accepted:

  • If the coffee/product is found in good condition and the customer decides they no longer want it for some reason.
  • If you are out at the time of delivery (the shipping company returns the package to us if the customer was not at home to receive it. The shipping company will call or text you to specify a delivery time. If the shipping company is unable to contact you, Nomad will not be held accountable).
  • If the package is heat-sealed but for some reason, the inner zip is open.
  • Other occasions where nor Nomad Coffee nor the shipping company can be held accountable.