Process - Disclosure

Let's just say that seeing a picture of yourself in a state of putrefaction doesn't sound too pleasant, but it must be said that it's cooler than it looks. A few days ago we were visited by the girls from Organic Matters, an initiative focused on rethinking the future and the value of the regenerative economy through organic matter and local production. After a while talking, we couldn't refuse to collaborate with them. Besides sharing values our part of the deal was very simple, we just had to bring our coffee waste.

Undoubtedly, this is a time when it is more necessary than ever to understand that we need to go beyond sustainability and we must be able to create circular and regenerative economies that flee from the linear and extractive model that abuses limited resources. This is the starting point for the promoters of the project.

NomadAs a company within the food industry, we saw the option of adding value to the surplus and waste that we generate, giving them a second life. Organic Matters, based on the example given by Gunter Pauli in his book, "The Blue Economy" in which coffee waste is used as the basis for mushroom farms, proposes to join forces to achieve its purpose: to build new models of regenerative business and collaboration between companies in the Poblenou neighborhood, using among others, our coffee waste.





As we are told, in the natural environment, there is no waste as such, but there is a cycle of nutrients and matter that is transformed. In charge of this recycling is the mycelium, a small part of the fungus that promotes the decomposition of matter. This same recycling agent is used by Organic Matters to create biomaterials from organic waste at Nomad. Although the project is still in the experimental phase, the objective is to generate alternative materials and connect surplus producers and companies interested in these biomaterials.



Organic matters, born as a final project of the Master in Design of Emerging Futures, directed by the IaaC, FabLab Barcelona and Elisava, is now part of the materials collective REMIX El Barrio, of the European project SISCODE and collaborates with various materials designers such as Judith Gómez, Secil Asfar, Zoe Tzika, the studio Taller Esférica and the producers Òria Cosmética as well as Nomad.

Keep track of this initiative, on their Instagram or on their website because it promises, we assure you that you will not believe how beautiful the decomposition can be.