Since NOMAD Coffee was a street cart in the London markets in 2011 and until today, the values and goals that define us remain the same: closeness and respect for the producer and careful care in the process.

Later, in 2014, we established ourselves in Barcelona and opened the first of our stores, with the idea of contributing to promote the taste for specialty coffee in the city. Shortly after, we also inaugurated the open roastery, and continuing with the idea of bringing coffee closer to the consumer, we began to distribute it and create a network of coffee shops with which to collaborate and grow the project nationally and internationally.

Nomad Coffee

The first coffee shop Nomad in Barcelona. The coffee Lab in Passatge Sert.

Coffee roasting is what characterizes us, that is why we want to be present throughout the entire production process. We travel to the origin in search of the best beans and work side by side with importers and producers. We roast the coffee at home with our own quality standards with which we seek to enhance each of its qualities.

In each of our locations, a team of baristas is carefully in charge of extracting the uniqueness and excellence of each coffee.

Nomad Coffee