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Variety Red Bourbon
Altitude 1800 masl
Process Washed
Harvest MARCH - JULY 2021
Notes Orange jamPanelaWhite flowers

Something that characterizes the Red Bourbon variety is its fruity and sweet notes, predominantly stone fruit and sugars such as honey or panela. In this particular coffee, the stone fruit and vanilla stand out on the nose, giving way to more sugary and floral notes on the palate, such as orange marmalade and white flowers. A juicy body and lively acidity accompanied by a lot of sweetness and cleanliness.

One more year we got to bring one of our favourite coffees from Burundi. Gahahe washing station is located in Gahahe, in the Kayanza region. The washing station is equipped with 10 fermentation tanks, 4 cherry selection tables, 2 soaking tanks and a drying field with 180 drying tables, which allow the station to process up to 750 metric tons of cherry per season. All producers are smallholders who own less than 250 trees. Each tree produces an average of 1.5kg of coffee per year, meaning they end up selling up to 200-300kg each year. Most of the coffee in Burundi is Red Bourbon. This way all the families can deliver their coffee to the washing station to be processed together.

During the harvest season, all coffee is selectively hand-picked. Cherry is wet-processed under constant supervision and the whole process is closely monitored. All cherry is floated in small buckets (the unripe cherries are sold as B-quality cherry), and then the higher quality cherry is sorted again by hand to remove all damaged, underripe and overripe cherries. After sorting, the cherry is pulped within 6 hours of delivery. The coffee is dry fermented for up to 12 hours and then washed in clean mountain water for 12 to 24 hours. Parchment is then soaked for an additional 12 to 18 hours before being dried on raised beds for 2 to 3 weeks.

We offer you these guidelines so that you have a guide when preparing your recipe, but you must take into account the method you are using, the grinding, the water, the temperature, etc.

Our method: V60
Our grinder: EK43
Our water: Osmotized, 93ppm

We use 15 gr of medium ground coffee and 260 gr of water at a temperature of 96ºC. We pour the water in 2 times. One of 50 gr, we wait 30 seconds and then pour the rest of the water until it reaches 260 grams. The total infusion time should be between 2 and a half and 3 minutes.