Variety Red Bourbon
Altitude 1800 masl
Process Washed
Harvest July 2020
Notes Orange BlossomRaspberryTangerine

For the fourth year in a row, we have one of our favourite filter coffees with us. This coffee from the Gahahe washing station gives us very sweet and floral notes in cups. In fragrance, it reminds us of the orange blossom, once in contact with water the citrus notes of mandarin and raspberry stand out. Finally, it leaves us a sweet aftertaste in the mouth that reminds us of milk chocolate.

The Gahahe washing station is located in Kayanza province at 1,800 meters above sea level and is very well equipped with which it can process up to 750 metric tons of cherry per season.

During the harvest season, all coffee is selectively hand-picked. Most families only have 200 to 250 coffee trees and the harvest is carried out almost entirely by the same families. There are 12 areas where producers can take their coffee, which reduces the cost of transportation for them. Producers are paid the same for the quality of their coffee, regardless of where they bring it from. In this way, they are not at a disadvantage due to their location.

We offer you these guidelines so that you have a guide when preparing your recipe, but you must take into account the method you are using, the grinding, the water, the temperature, etc.

Our method: V60
Our grinder: EK43
Our water: Osmotized, 93ppm

We use 15 gr of medium ground coffee and 260 gr of water at a temperature of 96ºC. We pour the water in 2 times. One of 50 gr, we wait 30 seconds and then pour the rest of the water until it reaches 260 grams. The total infusion time should be between 2 and a half and 3 minutes.