We’re a small, young company, so we make a big effort to travel to origin. We want to know the coffees we buy like the back of our hand and the only way to do achieve this is to get to know the farmers and the conditions in which they work. We do this because really all we’ve always wanted to do is to serve the best coffee possible. We also do it out of respect for the hard work and commitment of those who play such a critical role in the journey of producing excellent coffees. We do it because at the end of that journey is us. Our duty is to treat every cup of coffee we serve with the same respect. We do that because we’re not satisfied unless our suppliers and clients are thrilled.



Nømad only works with freshly harvested, single origin coffees. Coffee is a fruit, which means it’s a seasonal product with varying harvest months in each coffee-producing region. We are often in touch with the farmers so that we can receive all the traceability info and photos. In line with our commitment to freshness and traceability, we roast every week and provide our clients with info sheets for each coffee.
When we find a coffee that blows our mind we make sure to get it. Once we have the beans, we try different roast profiles until we find the ideal roast that extracts the most complex qualities of that coffee. Then we offer that ideal roast to our clients and where needed we help them find the perfect way to extract it with their machines.
Nømad always offers a “seasonal espresso”. Although we change the origin according to seasonality, the seasonal espresso is always very balanced, for those coffee shops that prefer to offer a consistent flavour regardless of origin.
We love discovering new flavours, stories and coffees, which is why Nømad also offers unique and exciting coffees that change more frequently. This is for coffee shops that want to play and have fun on a sensory level, allowing you to try different origins and travel with your senses.


We consider our clients as an extension of Nømad, which is why we would work with you continuously. From our experience the coffee shops and restaurants we work with achieve best results when they share our passion for serving excellent coffee, so we like maintaining a close relationship with clients. In Barcelona we always have a member of our team who is in charge of personally delivering the coffee and makes periodical visits. This kind of close contact helps us grow with you, because we want you to reach your maximum potential in coffee.


Work with us and Nømad will work for you, because we sincerely want you to succeed and for that you must be comfortable making consistently high quality coffee that your customers will talk about. We’ll help you find high quality equipment, such as the espresso machine, grinders, filters, and then we will train you to make competition quality espresso shots and pour-overs.


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