Where to buy specialty coffee in Barcelona


One morning, like every morning, you wake up and make your coffee. But that day a tragic event occurs: you have run out of coffee! The last of the ground coffee beans recharge your energy and you write down in your diary "Buy coffee". If you live in Barcelona, pay attention to this list of the best places to buy coffee in Barcelona:

Born/Fort Pienc

Three Marks Coffee. They are part of the second batch of roasters in the city and they are doing very well. They are waiting for you next to the Auditori and the National Theater, and very close to Els Encants.

Nomad Coffee. They sound a little...

Funky Bakers. The one in the Born is the third Funky Bakers store and the sweetest. You can buy their coffee: every month they choose a different origin and we roast it for them.

Chandal Store. Magazines, cameras, markers, bags, plates, coffee and other carefully selected items are part of the Chandal Store's colorful offer.

El Magnifico. A living history of coffee in Barcelona, El Magnifico is one of the oldest surviving coffee roasters in the city.

El Gòtic

Right Side Coffee. The first specialty coffee roaster in the province of Barcelona finally opens the doors of its coffee shop in the city. Long live!

Ruma's Coffee. The coffees of the Berlin roastery The Barn fill with aromas this small coffee shop two steps away from Plaça Reial.


Fargo. Overlooking the Sagrada Familia in case you need to load up on caffeine for an intense day of sightseeing around the city. What better souvenir than a packet of coffee from the city you visited?

BlackBird. Also next to the Sagrada Familia, BlackBird occupies a tiny space where coffee becomes big. Whether you drink it or take it with you, coffee pleasure is assured.

Citizen Cafe. If you run out of coffee, Citizen is so centrally located that you're sure to stop by at some point or another during the day to refuel.

Tostao x Casa Bonay. Hotel breakfasts had never sounded very promising until Casa Bonay arrived with its proposals to get your day off to a good start. At TosTao, local coffee and fine pastries with a Japanese flair.

Onia. It's all aromas at Onia: from the mills, the machines and the cups, and from the beautiful shelf full of organic soaps.

Roast Club. First from a microscopic coffee shop and then from the spacious room of its current location, at Roast Club they have bet on specialty coffee when it was not yet so popular. Today they roast their own coffee, which is a delight.


Morrow Coffee. Arriving at Plaça España, Morrow rises in a wide and luminous chamfer thanks to the great glass of its facade. Admire the perfection of its spikes and try it at home with one of its coffees.

Brew Coffee. An ideal place to have a perfect cake and a coffee prepared with care.


El Noa Noa. Coffee and reading go hand in hand and at El Noa Noa they know it: their love for books, magazines and fanzines has gone beyond the limits of the coffee shop to occupy the neighboring premises.

Pasarela. Pasarela's sandwiches and focaccias can't be understood without a good coffee on the side.

Slow Mov, one of the most experienced specialty coffee roasters and advocates in Barcelona, with Carmen Callizo and François Justet at the helm.

The Rocks Kiosk. The kiosks of the future are already here. The smell of fresh ink mixes with the aromas of specialty coffee at The Rocks Kiosk.

Candela cinnamon. The star of Candela Canela are the cinnamon rolls in dozens of different flavors. With coffee from Harmony, roasters from neighboring Montcada i Reixac.

Oma Coffee. They select the best specialty coffees, prepare you a cup and even sell them to you. What more could you ask for?


Jacaranda. Jacaranda's homemade Peruvian empanadas, as well as cakes and other homemade sweets, fill all the tables of this small restaurant in Horta, which is worth a pilgrimage.

The Raval

Pa de Kilo. It has it all: tremendous focaccias, glorious loaves of bread, addictive sweets and the possibility to buy the packs NOMAD in their delishop. And surprise! they are setting up a bar, so you will soon be able to have a delicious coffee served by a barista.

Hey Shop. An art and design store created by Hey graphic design studio. Between paintings, pens and selected clothes you can drink a coffee and take 250 grams of the one you love the most.

Öss Kaffe. In one of the busiest streets of the Raval, next to the MACBA square, Öss Kaffe is your dealer of good coffee in the neighborhood.

Lodetto. Cycling mood in this open corner of the Raval neighborhood where coffee energizes the legs of pedaling.


Departure Coffee. There is no lack of coffee in the Raval thanks to Departure Coffee, always ready to serve you a shot and to recommend you the best beans according to your preferred extraction method.

Dalston Coffee. A small door to the great world of coffee, with varied origins and own roasting.

Sant Andreu

Fika coffee. Fika' takes its name from the Swedish coffee ritual: a sweet treat and a good cup of coffee are the perfect and most appreciated break at any time of the day. Ask the panda for a coffee that will make you enjoy like a bear at home.

Sant Antoni/Poble Sec

Yes Future. Specialty coffee today is purchased in the supermarket of the future, without plastic bags and in bulk!

Syra Coffee. The coffee giant has set foot in yet another neighborhood: from now on you can buy its coffee in Poble Sec.

Sants/Les Corts

Pepe y Lepu. Whether it's a toast, a torrija or a sandwich, you can always make the perfect pairing with a coffee at Pepe y Lepu. Choose the one you like the most and take it home.

Hidden Cafe. Taste the lynx coffee in two neighborhoods of the city, both in Les Corts and Born.

NEØ Coffee House. A unique and zero waste proposal in Sants both for breakfast and to eat fresh and vegan.

Sarrià/Sant Gervasi

Bond Cafe. Omelette, pastas, coffees and even salads for lunch in this bright place near Turó Park.

On y va. With three locations (Sarrià, Sant Gervasi and Gràcia), On y va is a coffee shop and roastery. You can have breakfast and snacks with a cake or a cookie and you can even buy filters and other tools to prepare coffee at home.

Lady Babka. A pastry shop where babka, the braided bread of Eastern European Jewish culture, is the protagonist. It is worth visiting her small grocery store where you can find everything from mugs to soaps and, of course, coffee.


Nomad Frutas Selectas. You may not know us yet, but we have been waiting for you since 2016! We used to toast here but today this place is an oasis of enjoyment for great breakfasts and practical midday meals.

Miners Coffee. A mine of good coffee, with half a dozen different options to take home and all the equipment you may need to taste it.

Abyss Coffee. Among the wide range of Abyss coffees, you are sure to find the one that best suits your taste. Come and see their roasting machine in action!

Osorio Family. Roasters, lovers of good coffee and championship breakfasts, that's how they are in Familia Osorio.

Casa Taos. A cozy coffee shop, with lots of wood and warm light to spend the hours so richly. As a souvenir of that moment, nothing better than a bag of coffee to enjoy at home.