Greatest Hits of NOMAD 2023


There is nothing better than closing a year with the satisfaction of having achieved what you set out to do. In this 2023, from NOMAD COFFEE we have achieved that and much more and we can proudly say that we are very satisfied with the goals we have achieved, as well as having overcome the challenges that have appeared halfway. For all this we congratulate ourselves, without being complacent (next year, more and better!), and we also thank all our customers for the trust they have placed in us.



These have been the achievements of NOMAD COFFEE in 2023:

  • - More coffees from around the world. A total of 54 coffees from different countries have arrived at our house and we have roasted them with great care for you.

  • - And all over the world. We have traveled to coffee plantations and to congresses where we have been invited: Costa Rica, Colombia, Korea, Athens, Los Angeles, New York and London have welcomed us with a cup of coffee in our hands.

  • - Sales are up. It is early days, but our team knows what it takes: we have sold more than 65,000 kilos of roasted coffee.

  • - Ding-dong! Your coffee has arrived. Coffee from NOMAD has entered through the doors of more than 4 thousand homes and 402 businesses, be they coffee shops, restaurants, hotels or company offices that have selected us to enjoy a good cup every day.



  • - So is your thirst for coffee. More than 145,000 coffees have been served in our two locations, about 400 a day, so thank you to all those who are thirsty!

  • - Easy, tasty and fast. After many tests, we have launched on the Spanish market the first instant specialty coffee that can be served hot or cold.



  • - Awards and prizes. It is always appreciated when our ideas, our efforts and the good results we achieve are recognized, and this year we have been named best roaster, best training academy project and best social networks in the specialty coffee sector.

  • - Communication and creativity to the power. This year new creative and communication teams have joined NOMAD COFFEE: Escola Estudio and Raquel Celma.

  • - The family is growing. We are fortunate to be a close-knit team that enjoys being part of NOMAD COFFEE, and we are already 33!

  • - Learn with NOMAD. Our Coffee Academy has given as many as 245 coffee courses, both introductory courses on cupping and brewing, as well as specialized courses for professionals and beginners.

  • - Certified sustainability. Thanks to our efforts to reduce poverty in the specialty coffee supply chain, today we are a certified B company.



  • - A new commitment to the planet. We have a more sustainable and compostable packaging ready to be launched in 2024. Stay tuned!


We put people at the center of our work, and it shows in the end: successes follow success and the quality of our product and processes increases.