Launching of the first instant specialty coffee in Spain

Nomad - Launching

We are defenders, lovers and practitioners of good coffee, of precise roasting, of using the most adequate techniques. But all this is not incompatible with being able to enjoy a delicious coffee in the quickest and most convenient way. With this in mind, we started to think about how we could do it and it turned out that the best solution had already been invented: instant coffee.

Almost a century of instant coffee

Originally, instant coffee was invented to provide an outlet for the large surplus of coffee that an Italian-French bank operating in South America had in its warehouses due to the fall in prices caused by the Wall Street crisis of 1929. Max Morgenthaler, of Nestlé, was responsible for the search for a formula that would make it possible to take advantage of all that coffee and convert it into a novel and easy to use product. After much research, in 1938 the first instant coffee was launched in the Swiss market and, two years later, its success took it to 30 countries around the world.


This is how, for decades, we have seen instant coffee in supermarkets and bars. But, frankly, we all know that this is not the best coffee. For this reason, from NOMAD COFFEE we wanted to make instant coffee a much richer coffee and we set to work to discover the best method, putting all our effort to make it possible.


Coffee: Chambakú (Colombia)

As it could not be otherwise, the coffee beans would be of high quality, since we do not work with coffees in which we do not believe and this was not going to be the exception. We chose our Chambakú coffee, one of the flagship coffees of NOMAD COFFEE, grown in Caldas (Colombia), at 1,450-1,600 meters above sea level by Juan Felipe Restrepo.

The coffee receives its name from the Finca Chambakú, where it is grown, which is the new project of the Restrepo family: 12 hectares located in Villamaría (Caldas), in the extension that makes up the Hacienda El Jardín. Recently, the Restrepo's have adapted their traditional coffee growing methods to an agro-industrial system that allows them to promote the production of differentiated coffees. The optimal conditions of the environment and the proximity of the coffee plantations to the coffee processing facilities make it possible to maintain an exhaustive control that guarantees an excellent quality of coffee.

Chambakú is processed exclusively under our quality standards, hand-picking only the coffee cherries that have reached optimum ripeness, which will then undergo an aerobic fermentation process for one day. They are then pulped and fermented for another day in water. Drying, which takes place in mechanical silos, is carried out intermittently for five days to adequately control the temperature.


With and without caffeine: tasting notes

Instant coffee NOMAD COFFEE is available with and without caffeine. The caffeinated version has aromas of milk chocolate, floral honey and pear, and the caffeine-free version, equally delicious, tastes of cocoa powder, molasses and pecan nuts. Both are a very balanced coffee, sweet and creamy, with a long and pleasant aftertaste, ideal for drinking on its own, with milk or with vegetable drinks.

We believe that NOMAD COFFEE's specialty instant coffee is a real life saver and the first in Spain. "A few years ago, perhaps we would have considered that making an instant coffee would have been sacrilege. However, today the specialty coffee world has evolved so much that it knows how to value a good product like this," says González, smiling, as he sips a cup of instant Chambakú.

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