Antolin Peña



Origin Perú
Variety Caturra, Bourbon & Catuai 
Altitude 1712 masl
Process Washed
Harvest October 2019
Notes Cocoa PodwerFigsPear

At the first contact with this coffee, we can find very sweet fragrances that suggest dates figures and chocolate 70%. Once we add water to it, even if the chocolate persists, citric notes appear proving this coffee with vibrant and contrasting flavours. At the very end, it leaves a pear flavour in the mouth.

Chirinos, it’s a district in the province of San Ignacio, Perú and it’s very well known for the quality of the coffees that are produced in the area.

Even if it’s not so common in this area of Perú, Antolin Peña has been a member of a coffee cooperative that works for the fair trade of the coffee. In these past two years as a member, he saw a huge increase in his incomes due to the quality premiums that he has received. Thanks to these earnings he could acquire more land that increased this production and he invested in a new drying area as well.

Antolin works with different varieties of coffee such as Caturra, Bourbon and Castillo in his farm, that has a density of around 4000 plants per hectare. This lot contains the beans that come from the highest part of his farm, at 1712 masl, which is entirely Caturra and Burbon.

In Perú, like in many other coffee origins, the produces are very sensitive to the market changes. Many times, producing coffee is not sustainable for them so, grouping into cooperatives helps hem to protect their works and to have a return. As cooperatives, they assure them selfs not only a fair price, but also, to have access to knowledge, support, and premiums that incentives the production of better quality coffee.

All our coffees with roasting for espresso can be prepared in your home Moka Pot with the recipe that you can find in the NOMAD at Home section.

If you have an espresso machine we recommend using 18 grams of coffee to extract 40 grams in a cup in a time of 29 seconds. We use a temperature of 93ºC with the help of 8 bars of pressure.

We offer you these guidelines so that you have a guide when developing a recipe, but you should bear in mind that it can change depending on the coffee machine you are working with, the grinder and the water you are using.

Our machine: La Marzocco, Linea PB
Our grinder: Victoria Arduino, Mythos One
Our water: Osmotized water, 110 ppm