Reuse coffee bag by Júlia Esqué – Black, Terracota & Green.



Designed by Júlia Esqué + Basora studio
Made in Ared Foundation, Barcelona
Material Dralon

We’ve designed a reusable bag for those who come to Nomad Coffee (Roasters’ Home location for now) for their coffee beans or ground coffee to take home. Is it a bag designed upside down with no seam on the inside part in order to make it easy to empty all the way to the lasts grounds. It is made of Dralon, a fabric fibre that offers a smooth texture and great impermeability.

We would like to have a full organic bag but we have chosen the materials to fully respect our product.

Our bag is designed to be carried and refilled in your local roaster in an easy and durable way until you get home, where we recommend putting the coffee in an airtight container since Our bag is waterproof but does not close in an airtight way.

Desing: @juliaesque + @basora
Production: Fundación Ared
Available in Black, Terracota y Green bottle.